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Easily to save a Snapchat video in your mobile gallery

If you also use Snapchat, then many times such videos come up there which are very exciting and good. But maximum users do not know how to save a Snapchat video in the gallery. Saving Snapchat videos in the gallery is quite easy! But many people do not know about it. Let us tell you that Snapchat is a social media or video sharing platform. Here, crores of people share crores of videos every day. Those videos are watched and liked by people. But sometimes we are shown some such videos which are very exciting.
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Now a question arises in our mind! Easily to save a Snapchat video in your mobile gallery. Because saving any video from Snapchat to the gallery is a very difficult task. But if you use Snapchat daily! Then I will tell you a simple trick through which you will be able to easily save Snapchat videos to the gallery.
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Easily to save a Snapchat video in your mobile gallery

If you want to Save Snapchat videos in Your mobile gallery, So you have opened the right article. We will show you two ways to save Snapchat videos.

First : Download Snapchat video 

  solyptube snapchat video
  1. Open a website ( solyptube )
  2. Copy the URL of the Snapchat video
  3. Paste the URL solyptube link box
  4.  Click the "Download" Icon to save the Snapchat video.
  solyptube snapchat story Solyptube a user friendly website allows you to download Snapchat videos directly to your mobile gallery, desktop, laptop, PC. search at google “Solyptube” or “Snapchat video download” The website will appear in front of you.  Through this Snapchat video downloader , you can easily download videos of any format if you want to save videos in MP4 format or 720p or Full Hd format. Experience high-quality downloads and fast speeds with the best website“solyptube” or “Snapchat video downloader”.

Second: Save Snapchat video 

To save Snapchat videos to the gallery, you must have the updated Snapchat App. Along with this, it is also very important to have a valid internet connection. Because whenever you save a video from Snapchat to the gallery, it will require internet. Because without internet you will not be able to do this, so let's know how to save Snapchat videos to the gallery?
Step 1: First of all you have to open the Snapchat app.
Step 2: Now you will be redirected to Automatic Camera.
Step 3: Now you have to click on Profile on the top left side
Step 4: Now you have to again tap on the Setting Icon on the right side.
Step 5: Now you have to scroll down and click on the Memories option.
Step 6: Now you have to click on the Save button.
Step 7: Now you have to click on Memories & Camera Roll. Now any of your photos or videos will be easily saved directly in the gallery

Saving Your Own Snapchat Videos

Saving your own Snapchat videos is straightforward. Here’s how:
  1. Open Snapchat: Record a video as you normally would.
  2. Save: Tap the save icon (a downward arrow) on the lower-left side of the screen.
  3. Access in Memories: The video will be saved to your Memories.
  4. Export to Gallery: Open Memories, select the video, tap the three dots, and choose “Export Snap” to save it to your gallery.

Saving Snapchat Stories

Snapchat Stories are a great way to share your day with friends. Here’s how to save your own Stories:
  1. Create a Story: Post your video to your Story.
  2. Save Story: After posting, go to your profile, tap on your Story, and select the save icon.
This saves your Story to Memories, from where you can export it to your gallery as mentioned above.

Saving Friends’ Snapchat Videos

Saving videos from friends is tricky due to privacy settings. Always ask for permission before attempting to save someone else’s content.

Methods to Save Friends’ Videos with Permission

  1. Ask Them to Send the Video: The simplest way is to ask your friend to save and send the video directly to you.
  2. Use Built-In Features: If they agree, they can save the video to their Memories and share it with you via other platforms.


In this article, I told you how to save Snapchat videos directly to the gallery. In this article, an attempt has been made to cover all the questions related to Snapchat. If you still have any questions or suggestions related to how to save Snapchat videos to the gallery, then you can comment below.
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